Tutoring safely during Covid-19


Covid-19 Virus
Illustrated visualisation of the microscopic coronavirus, illustrating the E-Protein, M-Protein and S-Protein on the virus particles surface.


We take safety extremely seriously at Cohort Tuition and have put in a host of measures to keep our students and staff during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Delivering face to face tuition during these difficult times has been extremely challenging, to say the least. Having been a solely face-to-face tuition provider. The first measure we took as an organization was to start offering our learners online tuition. After having already looked at so many options for delivering online tuition, at Cohort it was extremely important for us to be able to continue delivering excellent quality learning experiences that allow for the tutors and tutee to developed a lasting personal relationship that supports the learning process. Developing and building rapport between tutor and tutee is extremely important to the private tuition experience.


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