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Communicate effectively

Communication is fundamental in the classroom. At Cohort, we openly promote clear and concise conversation between teachers, parents, and students so that we improve, and progress, towards success together.

Determined to help

Dedication to the fulfillment of our students potential is core to who we are. At Cohort, our teachers and the wider community, will create the plans, bring together the resources and materials, and do whatever it takes to provide our students the support they need, and the support they deserve.

Versatile in our approach

No two children study the same. We embrace the changing environments, needs, and requirements of our students and teachers. Cohort Tuition is able to recognize and adapt to the personal learning requirements of each child, whether that is using visual learning methods, or a change of practical activities, we endeavour to develop the competencies of each child both in the classroom and at home.

Honest and trustworthy

With a range of DBS checked specialist teachers across our subject areas, from Safe Guarding to Special Educational Needs, our students are supported within a safe and regulated educational environment. By reporting openly with parents whilst assessing the levels and needs of our pupils, our teachers are able to confidently support and improve learner education.

Transparent always

All our student records, assessments, plans, and activities are recorded and maintained in a separate digital database, accessible on request. We encourage parents and students to use our report cards to track progress, identify issues, and voice their concerns.

Fair in all our dealings

We treat each student, teacher, and parent equally without discrimination, restriction or favoritism. Individuality is promoted, financial support is provided, and no child is knowingly deprived of their right to improve their education.


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