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Science Booster

  • Closely follows the Secondary Science National Curriculum
  • Biology, chemistry and physics topics taught that are specific to KS3
  • Small groups ensure ample individual attention. (1 tutor to 8 pupils on average)
  • Formal assessments with detailed termly reports
  • Enrolment at any time of the year

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What will your child learn?

Our Secondary Science Booster programme, designed for children in years 7 and 8 in secondary school, ensures your child develops a sound grasp of core biology,  chemistry and physics topics at the start of their secondary education.  The programme has been developed by qualified science teachers to compliment the Secondary National Curriculum for Science.


  • Living organisms
  • Nutrition, digestion & excretion
  • Respiration & gas exchange
  • Health and disease
  • Reproduction
  • Ecosystem and habitats
  • Inheritance and genetics
  • Evolution
  • Humans and the environment
  • Nerves and hormones
  • Biological transport systems


  • States of matter
  • Atoms, elements & periodic table
  • Chemical reactions & tests
  • Acids, alkalis & salts
  • Materials
  • Earth and the environment
  • Chemical industry
  • Crude oil and fuels
  • Energy
  • Metals
  • Organic chemistry


  • Energy
  • Forces and movement
  • Waves
  • Electricity
  • Electromagnetism & magnetism
  • Solids, liquids & gases
  • Space
  • Atoms and radiation
  • Inventions
  • The origin of chemical elements

Meet our tutors


Secondary Science
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Secondary Science
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Secondary Science
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Fees, discounts & support


£30per child
annual one-off fee


  • 2 hours of KS3 science tuition rotating between biology, chemistry and physics topics
  • Parents receive regular weekly verbal/written feedback and a detailed end of term report
  • Small year specific Key Stage 3 groups with an average of 8 pupils to 1 tutor

Reduce your tuition fees by up to 85%

Sibling discounts of up to £282 per year

Referral Programme pay as little as £40 per month

Recommend a friend and get £20 cash as a reward in return

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1. When can my child start?

You can start at any time of the academic year and your child(ren) will make progress.  However, to get the most out of the booster classes we recommend starting at the beginning of the academic year.

2. What year groups are the booster classes for?

Our secondary Science booster classes are age specific classes for children in Key Stage 3 (years 7 or 8). All our booster tuition sessions are delivered in age appropriate classes.

3. How long are the booster classes?

Our Science Booster group sessions are 2 hours and 10 minutes long. Children have a one hour of lesson, then a 10-minute break followed by a second hour lesson. Within the two hours of learning the children rotate between biology, chemistry and physics topics.

4. How many children are there in the booster classes?

In our booster classes, we ensure an average of 8 children per tutor, with a maximum of 9 students to 1 tutor. These classes are specifically designed for children in the same year group, offering highly targeted and focused tutoring.

5. How will you teach my child(ren)?

Children learn in various ways whether it be visual, auditory, reading / writing or kinesthetic. All our tutors are very experienced with teaching children using various methods to ensure they understand what is being taught. Tutors give lots of examples whether it be using the whiteboard, discussing verbally or demonstrating practically.

6. Will my child(ren) receive homework?

Yes. Children are given homework for Maths and English on a weekly basis (except for assessment weeks).  All homework is based on what a child has learnt in the lesson and is designed to reinforce their learning. Once returned, homework is marked and explained with further examples.

7. How much homework will my child(ren) receive?

Homework will vary on a week by week basis. However, if a child would like additional homework, the tutor can make the relevant arrangements within reason.

8. Will I be informed regularly of my child(ren)s progress?

Yes, all our children have weekly progress reports which will let you know how they did in their classwork, homework and including work ethic. Tutors and parents can also write comments within the weekly reports which make them a great way of ensuring regular communication between your child(ren)s tutor and yourself.

9. What qualifications and experience do the tutors have?

All our secondary tutors are subject specialists and the vast majority are also qualified teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Our secondary tutors have experience delivering the Secondary National Curriculum for their specialist subject, be it maths or English, within a school-based setting.

10. What will they be taught for science?

We have carefully planned weekly lessons for the whole year. Topics that are taught are all in line with the current Secondary Science National Curriculum.  A list of topics can be found at the top of this page.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by our parents

The tutors were very supporting! They were willing to go the extra mile inorder for you to succeed. Everyone was genuinely there to help you achieve your full potential.
Kithursana Jeganathan

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I am very happy with the progress my daughter has made at school since starting tuition with Cohort. The tutor understands my daughters weaknesses and works at her pace to ensure she has a good grasp of basic fundamentals before moving onto next stages. I would recommend court tuition to all parents who are looking for a good tuition provider for their children.
Gurprith Bal

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My two sons attend Cohort Tuition and I can honestly say there has been a massive improvement in their grades. The staff and teachers are all very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. I would highly recommend Cohort Tuition.

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