Reduce your monthly tuition fees by as much as 60%

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referral discounts

Start reducing your monthly fee to as little as £40 per month* today!

If your child is already attending Cohort Tuition and you like the way we do things, why not refer us to your friends and family? Start sharing a great quality experience with your friends and family and save £5 per month for every child who joins Cohort Tuition based on your referral.

Refer today to help another child reach their potential and make a saving on your fees as a bonus.

Don’t attend Cohort? Refer a friend and we will give you a £20 gift voucher as a thank you from us.

*Full terms and condition apply.

Refer a friend or family member to any one of our centres

Make sure they mention your name when registering their child

Reduce your monthly fee by £5 for every referral who joins

sibling discounts

Siblings pay less by upto £282 per year*

All parents receive a discount of £2 per hour for any additional siblings attending in any given week.

E.g. For English & Maths Booster sessions, total savings over the whole academic year for one additional sibling is up to £282 per year.

Additional Lesson Discounts

More for less, save up to £282 per year*

All parents booking more than one session a week, receive a discount of £2 per hour for each additional session in any given week.

E.g. Total savings over the whole academic year for one additional Science Booster session a week will be up to £282 per year.*Full terms and condition apply.


1. How do I refer somebody?

You can fill in the refer a friend form on our website, fill in a refer a friend leaflet at any one of our centers. Alternatively, you can just tell your friends and family about our services, just make sure they let us know that you referred them.

2. When do I receive my referral discount?

The referral discount will be applied after the referred student has attended for at least a full calendar month.

3. How long will I get the referral discount for?

The referral discount will apply for as long as the referred student is attending Cohort Tuition and you also have a child(ren) attending Cohort Tuition.

4. What happens if the referred student leaves?

If the child/family you referred leaves, then the referral discount stops. However, as long as you and the referred student is attending. The referral discounts continue.

5. What happens if I leave and come back. Would the referral discount continue after I return?

No, Referral discount only applies as long as you are sending a child to Cohort Tuition. Once you leave, referrals are removed from the account, if you rejoin a new account is set up.

6. How will you know I have referred somebody?

The parent being referred must inform us during the registration process that you have referred them, just remind them to mention your name.  Alternatively, you can fill in a referral form with their details and we will then have a record that you referred them.

7. I'm not a Cohort Tuition customer, can I refer anybody?

Yes, you can, refer a friend and we will give you a £20 gift voucher/cash as a thank you from us.

8. Can I get a sibling discount for my nephew/niece/relative?

Sibling discounts only apply for two or more siblings. If you refer a relative, you would be eligible for a referral discount as long as you have a child attending one of the booster classes. If your child is having 1-2-1 / 1-2-2 tuition, you will be eligible for a £20 thank you voucher.

9. What happens if one of my children stop coming, do I still get the discount?

No, the discount will stop as soon as you revert to sending one child.

10. Do I get referral discounts on top of my tax-free childcare discounts?

Yes, referral discounts are in addition to tax-free childcare discounts.


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