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The co-founder and his bunch of university friends called themselves ‘The Cohort’… and the name just stuck

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The first momentous moment came to our founders in the very early weeks after a meeting with a concerned single mum who had been let down by her child’s school and was struggling to provide the best for her son. This inspired the founders and Cohort’s top three priorities quickly emerged


Students making excellent progress in a safe, engaging environment and offering excellent value to parents was the number one priority. They needed to help their parents realise their dreams and aspirations for their children, Cohort needed to make their hard-earned money go as far as possible, by offering excellent quality tutoring at reasonable prices.


The 1st priority could only be achieved by having the best tutors working with students and by fostering an excellent ethos of hard work and passion for achievement. Ensuring teachers were valued and had the resources at their fingertips to deliver excellent lessons was essential.


They had to stay viable and be able to pay the bills to continue to be able to make a difference. However, they believed that if they focussed on the first 2 priorities and didn’t get carried away with extremely expensive photocopiers, priority number 3 would simply look after itself.

Celebrating Our Company's Award-Winning Excellence

Winners of the European Business Awards (September 2021)
UK Business Awards Finalist Best Staff Training and Development (September 2023)
UK Business Awards Finalist Best Staff Training and Development (September 2023)
UK Business Awards Winner Most Positive Community Impact (September 2023)
UK Business Awards Finalist Best Staff Training and Development (September 2023)

Charitable Work

June 2021

Cohort raises £35000 to fund the opening of a Smart Village in Tharparkar

July 2022

Cohort raises over £ 10,000 to help fund the building and sponsorship of Orphans in Myanmar

December 2022

Cohort funds 3 houses for young, displaced refugees with young in Syria

February 2023

Cohort Raised over £3000 for the victims of the Turkey Earthquake

July 2023

Cohort Raised over £4000 for the devastating Pakistani Floods of 2023


Examining our company’s milestones requires acknowledging the journey that led us to this point. Below, you’ll find significant milestones that reflect the resilience and dedication crucial to our success.


Cohort plants its roots at a cafe opposite Birmingham University when two friends decide to make a little extra cash by tutoring local kids


Our West Bromwich Centre opened its doors on at the beginning of the academic year 2008, with 2 teachers tutoring 2 students in a makeshift classroom.


We splashed out on a copier machine and it felt like we had hit the big league.


The premises on Moor Street was fast becoming too small. The search for bigger and better premises began and ended with a subsequent move to Wood Lane Community Centre in 2011


Our team was growing fast and we decided to widen our reach and expand slightly further afield. The Blackheath, Rowley Regis Branch opened its doors in 2013 on top of the old NatWest Bank


Two short and quick years later Cohort Tuition Gloucester set up shop within the historical Spreadeagle Court on Northgate Street and started arranging quality home tuition for students across the Gloucestershire area


As the years pass by, Cohort Tuition student numbers keep growing and we keep and receiving more and more rave reviews from extremely happy and satisfied parents and students alike


Cohort Tuition moves to a brand-new centre and gets a brand new logo. The team is now of over 40 dedicated tutors offering tuition from reception to A-levels to over 400 students.


Cohort Tuition expands its educational offerings to include the provision of online tutoring services, catering to individuals seeking academic support in a virtual learning environment.


Cohort Reopens - The local community has acknowledged Cohort for its commendable response during the global Covid-19 pandemic.


Cohort Kiddies Club Opens its doors to 5- 11-year-olds for school Holiday Childcare.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by our parents

My son has been going to Cohort Tuition for a few years now and he has excelled in both Maths and English and is now in the top set for these subjects. It was extremely difficult to find someone whom you can trust and know that they are providing the best Tuition Education for your child and we are just happy that Cohort Tuition provides both. I just wished I had known about Cohort Tuition.
Pravin Patel

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My son Connor attended Cohort Tuition in preparation for his 11+ exams. He loved his time there, his tutors made learning fun and really brought Connor along. Connor was fully prepared for his exams and he's achieved some great scores, we can't thank Cohort enough. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for tuition. Prices are also very reasonable
Blair Woodward

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Excellent excellent and excellent again. The staff are amazing! The worksheets really push your child. My daughter absolutely loved it and enjoys algebra now. I would recommend to others and have. Two of my friends are now going there. the best in the West Midlands don't go anywhere else.
Cool Kids Crafts

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