AS / A Level: years 12-13

Maths Booster

  • Closely follows relevant AS/A Level maths specifications
  • Small groups ensure ample individual attention. (1 tutor to 8 pupils on average)
  • Formal termly assessments
  • Enrolment at any time of the year

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A Level Maths Tutors

What will your child learn?

Our AS / A Level Maths Booster programmes are run for students in year 12 or 13. The programme ensures pupils develop a sound grasp of AS / A Level maths topics, skills and concepts in time for their final A Level Exams.  The programme has been developed by qualified and specialist maths teachers and closely follows requirements of relevant AS / A Level examination boards.


Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Differentiation and Integration


Algebra and Functions, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Exponentials and logarithms, Differentiation and Integration


Algebra and Functions, Trigonometry, Exponentials and Logarithms, Differentiation, Integration and Numerical Methods


Algebra and Functions, Coordinate Geometry in the plane, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Exponentials and Logarithms, Differentiation and Integration, Vectors


Numerical Measures, Probability, Binomial Distribution, Normal Distribution, Estimation and Correlation and Regression


Mathematical Modelling, Kinematics in One and Two Dimensions, Statics and Forces, Momentum, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Connected Particles and Projectiles

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A Level Maths
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A Level Maths
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A Level Maths
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A Level Maths
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Fees, discounts & support


£30per child
annual one-off fee


  • 2 hours of AS / A Level maths tuition
  • Lessons closely follow relevant AS / A Level maths exam specification
  • Small age specific year 12 or 13 groups with an average of 8 pupils to 1 tutor

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1. When can my child start?

You can start at any time of the academic year and your child(ren) will make progress.  However, to get the most out of the booster classes we recommend starting at the beginning of the academic year.

2. What year groups are the AS / A Level Maths Booster classes for?

Our Maths Booster classes are year specific classes for students in Key Stage 5 (years 12 or 13).

3. How long are the booster classes?

Our Maths Booster group sessions are 2 hours and 10 minutes long. Students study for a 1 hour lesson, then a 10-minute break followed by a second 1 hour lesson.

4. How many students are there in the booster classes?

In our booster classes, we ensure an average of 8 children per tutor, with a maximum of 9 students to 1 tutor. These classes are specifically designed for children in the same year group, offering highly targeted and focused tutoring.

5. How do you teach?

Our booster classes are designed to compliment all the major examination boards with a particular focus on boards utilized by local sixth form and colleges. There is a significant overlap in content and material required between the different examination boards, especially since the recent changes to the AS / A Level maths specifications.

6. Do you give homework?

Yes, students are given homework on a weekly basis (except for assessment weeks).  All homework is based on what our learners have learnt in the lesson and is designed to reinforce their learning. Once returned, homework is marked and explained with further examples.

7. How much homework do you give?

Homework will vary on a week by week basis. However, if pupils would like additional homework, their tutor can make the relevant arrangements within reason.

8. Will I be informed regularly of my child's progress?

AS and A Level students receive a report at the end of every term, this report highlights the work they have covered, progress made, targets going forward and end of term assessment results.  Parents can also request to speak to their child’s maths tutor at the end of the lesson to get a quick update.

9. What qualifications and experience do the tutors have?

All our AS / A Level maths tutors are subject specialists and the vast majority are also qualified teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Our AS / A Level maths tutors have experience delivering exam board specific AS / A Level matrialial.

10. What will they be taught for AS / A Level maths?

We have carefully planned weekly lessons for the whole year. Topics that are taught are all in line with the current exam board specifications for AS / A Level Maths.  A list of topics can be found at the top of this page.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by our parents

My daughter has been attending 1-to-1 A level tuition since January at the West Bromwich Centre. She has had great tuition and covered all the topics she wanted. She is very complimentary about the tutors preparation and knowledge. She is now much more confident and is making fantastic progress in her tests at college for her A levels. I’m really pleased with the progress she has made and would like to thank the centre for having a such a good tutor & system.
Habib Rahman

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My two sons attend Cohort Tuition and I can honestly say there has been a massive improvement in their grades. The staff and teachers are all very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. I would highly recommend Cohort Tuition.
Shabs Nazir

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I would highly recommend Cohort! You are paired with amazing tutors, who go well above and beyond in order for you to achieve your goals. Furthermore, they provide you with support during university applications and interviews. They provide ongoing support and guidance through your studies, so you can perform to the highest standards!
Kit Jan

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