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Welcome to our tutors' showcase!

Here, you'll get a sneak peek into the exceptional talent housed within our vast team of over 300 dedicated educators at Cohort Tuition.
While the tutors featured on this page represent only a fraction of our diverse cohort, our entire team shares a commitment to excellence, backed by extensive qualifications and a genuine passion for education.

Every tutor undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure their expertise and dedication to nurturing students' academic growth. The majority of our tutors are seasoned educators with teaching qualifications, bringing a wealth of classroom experience and subject specialization to their sessions.

As you explore this curated selection, we invite you to witness the calibre of our team and the personalized learning experiences they offer. At Cohort Tuition, we take pride in empowering students with the guidance and support of our accomplished tutors, each driven by a shared mission to inspire, educate, and foster success.


Primary and Eleven Plus

Alison stands as a highly accomplished and seasoned primary school teacher, contributing her extensive qualifications and wealth of experience to the Cohort Tuition team. Specializing not only in primary education but also in the intricacies of 11+ preparation, Alison holds a BEd. (Hons) Primary Degree in Art and Design, showcasing a distinguished academic history. Over more than two decades, she has passionately dedicated herself to nurturing the educational growth of young minds.

Beyond her role as an educator, Alison has demonstrated her versatility in various capacities, serving as an art coordinator, leading special needs play schemes, and even establishing a successful private tuition agency independently. With an innate passion for education and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Alison stands as an exceptional practitioner, well-equipped to guide students on their journey toward academic success within the Cohort Tuition environment.


Primary and Eleven Plus

Meet Aysha, a dedicated Maths and Eleven Plus Tutor at Cohort Tuition. Armed with a BA (Hons) in maths, she’s a qualified maths teacher who focuses on preparing students for the eleven-plus entrance examination at Cohort Tuition. To this role, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated over 13 years of teaching. Having navigated both private and public education sectors, Aysha currently serves as the Head of Mathematics at a secondary school in the Midlands and holds the Advanced Skills Teacher status, recognized by the Department for Education.

In her role at Cohort Tuition, Aysha is a lead tutor responsible for data tracking, reflecting her commitment to a meticulous and results-oriented approach. With a down-to-earth demeanour, Aysha is diligent, extensively knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator. Her impressive record with the eleven-plus programme attests to her ability to guide students effectively.


Primary and Eleven Plus

Introducing Henna, our accomplished Primary and Eleven Plus Tutor at Cohort Tuition. A qualified primary school teacher with a BA (Hons) from the University of Birmingham, Henna has been shaping young minds for over a decade. Her expertise shines particularly in the realm of Eleven Plus tutoring, where she has amassed a wealth of experience, dedicating more than10 years to this speciality within Cohort Tuition.

Currently serving as the lead Eleven Plus Tutor, Henna’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, earning her outstanding teacher recognition from Ofsted. Under her guidance, Henna’s team at Cohort Tuition achieved an impressive 93% pass rate in the most recent Eleven Plus Entrance examination, showcasing her prowess in preparing students for academic success.

Beyond teaching, Henna is the creative force behind our immensely successful Eleven Plus programme. Diligent, extensively knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator, Henna has fostered a remarkable track record with the Eleven Plus programme. Her thorough and meticulous approach is reflected in her teaching style, where she maintains the highest expectations for her learners and consistently pushes them to achieve their best. Henna stands as a dedicated educator, ensuring that each student reaches their full potential in a supportive and enriching learning environment



Meet Marc, an outstanding Primary Tutor with an impressive 15+ years in education, currently excelling as the Primary Advisor at Walsall Education Services and a pivotal figure at Cohort Tuition since 2010. Armed with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Business Administration, as well as a PGCE from the University of Birmingham, Marc’s expertise spans both small group and 1:1 tuition for Key Stage 2 children. His significant impact at Cohort Tuition includes exceptional results in general KS2 English, KS2 Maths, and 11+ exam support. As a Google Certified Teacher and Apple Teacher, Marc seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into his teaching methods, staying at the forefront of educational innovation. His unwavering commitment to high expectations ensures that every child under his guidance not only meets but exceeds their full potential.



Meet Soma, our esteemed Maths Tutor and a true mathematics specialist boasting a BA (Hons) in mathematics. With over 15 years of extensive teaching experience, Soma is not just a qualified maths teacher but a seasoned professional who has made significant contributions in both the private and public education sectors.

Currently serving as the Head of Mathematics at a secondary school in the Midlands, Soma is not only a master of her subject but also the backbone of our Maths department at Cohort Tuition. As our dedicated Maths Planning Coordinator, she oversees the development of our KS3 and GCSE Maths programs of study, along with meticulously preparing materials for the GCSE Maths Intensive Revision Courses we deliver over the Easter and May holidays.

Soma is more than just a tutor; she is the driving force behind our students’ success. Diligent, extensively knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator, Soma has an outstanding track record in delivering results. Known for demanding the best from her students, she consistently brings out the highest potential in each individual. With Soma, it’s not just about teaching mathematics; it’s about inspiring a love for the subject and achieving excellence.



Meet Rohim, a distinguished English Tutor with a multifaceted educational background. Holding a BA (Hons) from Falmouth University, a PGCHE qualified teaching certificate from University College Birmingham, an MBA, and an MSET, Rohim is currently a full-time, teaching-focused HE lecturer. His wealth of experience extends beyond the lecture hall, with a strong focus on teaching and tutoring English.

Rohim has been a driving force in supporting young people in Sandwell, earning accolades such as the Young Entrepreneur Passion Award, the Princess Diana Award, the Volunteering Award from the University of Wolverhampton, and the Contribution Award from Greets Green Partnership. His commitment to community engagement is complemented by his exceptional skills as an English Tutor.

With extensive knowledge of the English National Curriculum, Rohim served as our first Lead English Tutor at Cohort Tuition and played a crucial role as one of the early English Planning Coordinators. His contributions were instrumental in shaping the development of our English resources and programs of study during the early stages of Cohort Tuition.

Proficient in multiple foreign languages, including Bengali, French, Italian, Hindi, and Urdu, Rohim is not only a linguistic expert but also a STEM Ambassador. He dedicates time to deliver inspirational seminars and workshops to young people across the Midlands. As a regular contributor to the TES resources banks, where he contributes to resources for GCSE English, Rohim embodies a passion for sharing knowledge and fostering a love for English literature and language.



Meet Matthew, a highly skilled tutor at Cohort Tuition specializing in Secondary and GCSE Science, alongside teaching A-level Biology. With a solid 7 years in education, Matthew holds a degree in Microbiology from the University of Wolverhampton. Since 2019, he has taken on the roles of Lead Science Tutor and Science Planning Coordinator at Cohort Tuition, spearheading our highly successful GCSE science courses and holiday GCSE intensive revision programs.

Matthew isn’t just a tutor; he’s the creative mind behind our engaging social media presence, appearing in numerous videos and showcasing a newfound talent for education-related content creation. His pivotal role in establishing Cohort Tuition’s social media channels reflects his commitment to reaching and connecting with students in innovative ways.

What sets Matthew apart is not just his passion for education but his genuine joy in witnessing his students’ achievements at the end of their exams. Beyond the classroom, Matthew embraces his creative side, enjoying playing Dungeons & Dragons, planning and writing fantasy games, and indulging in movie marathons – with “The Goonies” ranking as his all-time favourite film. Matthew brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to Cohort Tuition, making him not only an effective tutor but also a dynamic contributor to our educational community.


Maths & Physics

Mohinoor, a seasoned Maths and Physics Tutor, brings over 8 years of educational expertise, having been a valuable member of Cohort Tuition for over 6 years. Armed with a mathematics degree and teaching qualification, Mohinoor specializes in guiding students through GCSE and A-level Maths, along with A-level Physics.

His teaching approach is characterized by a structured and organized methodology, proving especially effective in supporting learners grappling with challenging topics. Mohinoor’s proficiency lies in simplifying complex concepts and implementing progressive plans, all while meticulously tracking and monitoring student progress for impactful feedback.

With a keen understanding of current topics, Mohinoor employs diverse strategies to effectively communicate concepts, ensuring an adaptable and student-focused teaching style. At Cohort Tuition, he stands as a strong guide, providing robust support, and structuring subject matter to empower students to realize their full potential. Mohinoor’s commitment to educational excellence shines through in his thoughtful and impactful approach to teaching.



Sameera, our dedicated Primary Tutor with a passion for Phonics and Geography, brings a wealth of expertise to the Cohort Tuition family. Drawing from her experiences as a class teacher and phonics lead in a Birmingham primary school since 2018, Sameera seamlessly weaves her love for education into her role.

In the classroom, Sameera fosters a dynamic blend of creativity and structure, ensuring every student enjoys a well-rounded learning journey. Her impactful teaching style mirrors her unwavering commitment to educational excellence. Serving as a phonics lead across KS1 and KS2, Sameera adds immense value to our Cohort Tuition Team.

Actively immersing herself in professional development, Sameera injects fresh insights into her teaching methods. She employs creative approaches to kindle a love for learning, collaborating closely with colleagues to maintain a consistently positive environment.

At Cohort Tuition, Sameera stands as a dedicated guide, providing robust support and structuring subject matter to empower students. Her wealth of experience and commitment to creating an engaging learning environment make her an invaluable asset to our educational community. With Sameera, students not only gain knowledge but also discover the joy of learning in a nurturing and positive atmosphere.



Introducing Tik, the enigmatic harbinger of knowledge, who dons a mask as his emblem of mystery and intrigue. Emerging from the shadows of obscurity, Tik embarks on a whimsical quest to enlighten and entertain, armed with an arsenal of invaluable learning strategies and educational insights. With an irrepressible zeal for sharing wisdom, Tik endeavours to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, infusing each encounter with a dash of playfulness and a sprinkle of magic.

Discover Tik’s mischievous charm as he flits between our centres, his presence a beacon of inspiration for students and tutors alike. Through his playful antics and infectious enthusiasm, Tik imparts not only academic prowess but also life lessons steeped in the art of resilience and determination. His presence serves as a gentle reminder that learning is not just a destination, but a thrilling journey filled with discovery and delight.

Join Tik on his digital escapades across our social media platforms, where he orchestrates feats of intellectual prowess disguised as everyday conundrums. With a wink and a nod, Tik unravels the knots of complexity, revealing hidden treasures of knowledge that empower students and parents alike. Embrace the spirit of Tik, as he unveils the secrets to conquering exams and navigating the labyrinth of school with grace and gusto.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by our parents

My son has been going to Cohort Tuition for a few years now and he has excelled in both Maths and English and is now in the top set for these subjects. It was extremely difficult to find someone whom you can trust and know that they are providing the best Tuition Education for your child and we are just happy that Cohort Tuition provides both. I just wished i had knew about Cohort Tuition.
Pravin Patel

from read reviews on review.co.uk

My daughter has been with cohort tuition for the last year and her confidence has come leaps and bounds. Her school teacher has commented on how impressed she's been with my daughter's progress. Highly recommended for anyone who wants their child to get that extra bit of help that can make a difference!
Rozina Begum

from read reviews on Facebook

Excellent excellent and excellent again. The staff are amazing. the worksheet really push your child. My daughter absolutely loved it and enjoys algebra now. I would recommend to others and have. Two of my friends are now going there. the best in the West Midlands don't go anywhere else.
Cool Kids Crafts

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