eleven plus: year 4

Year 4 Eleven Plus Booster

  • Tutored by qualified teachers who are 11+ specialists
  • Programme designed for the CEM and GL eleven plus test format
  • Small groups ensure ample individual attention. (1 tutor to 8 pupils on average)
  • Formal assessments with detailed termly reports
  • Ofsted registered centres for your peace of mind

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What will your child learn?

Our eleven plus year 4 booster class ensures your child builds the foundations for key eleven plus topics that will ensure they are in a very strong position going into the core programme of study in year 5. Tutoring sessions are very targeted towards the eleven plus developing verbal reasoning, English comprehension, maths and non-verbal reasoning skills.


  • Parts of speech – Verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, adverbs
  • Punctuation – commas, brackets, apostrophes, speech marks, colons, semi-colons
  • Spellings – plurals, homophones, prefixes, suffixes
  • Awkward spellings – such as ie/ei, double/single consonants
  • Word Types – alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphor, simile, personification, abbreviations, acronyms, synonyms, antonyms


  • This area overlaps with English considerably, in these lessons we focus on question types that children will encounter for the eleven plus
  • Comprehension skills – understanding words; finding information; recognising main ideas in paragraphs and whole text; sequencing
  • Cloze passages – using rules of English; missing letters; missing words; word banks


  • Working with numbers – place value; rounding up and down; addition / subtraction / multiplication / division; multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000
  • Number knowledge – square numbers; negative numbers; fractions; factors, multiples and primes; ratio and proportion; introduction to algebra


  • Spotting patterns – counting; pointing; shading and line types; order and position; rotation; reflection; layering
  • 3D shapes – rotation; nets and cubes
  • Question types – similarities, sequences, analogies, symmetry, codes, hidden shapes, matrices, hexagonal grid

Meet our tutors


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Fees, discounts & support


£30per child
annual one-off fee


  • 2 hours of weekly eleven plus tuition covering key areas of English, verbal reasoning, maths and non verbal reasoning
  • Parents receive regular weekly verbal/written feedback and detailed end of term report
  • Small year 4 specific group with an average of 8 pupils to 1 tutor

Reduce your tuition fees by up to 85%

Sibling discounts of up to £282 per year

Referral Programme pay as little as £40 per month

Recommend a friend and get £20 cash as a reward in return

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1. When can my child start?

You can start at any time of the academic year and your child(ren) will make progress.  However, to get the most out of the booster classes we recommend starting at the beginning of the academic year.

2. Does my child have to start eleven plus preparation in year 4, can they not start in year 5?

The eleven plus entrance examinations normally take place in September in the first 2 weeks of year 6. This means that a candidate should start preparing ideally no later than the beginning of year 5. It is not essential to start preparing in year 4, our year 5 eleven plus booster classes cover all the relevant material for the entrance examinations. However, from our experience the strongest candidates more often than not are the ones that have been preparing from year 4 onwards. Many students starting in year 5 struggle on some of the foundational concepts that are taught in year 4.

3. What year groups are the booster classes for?

The year 4 11+ booster groups after the Easter holidays are only for children in year 4. Prior to this there maybe a mix of children from year 3 and 4. However most of the time our classes are specific to a particular year group.

4. How long are the booster classes?

Our year 4 eleven plus booster classes are 2 hours and 10 minutes long. Children have a one hour of English / verbal reasoning lesson, then a 10-minute break followed by a second hour maths / non verbal reasoning lesson.

5. How many children are there in the booster classes?

In our booster classes, we ensure an average of 8 children per tutor, with a maximum of 9 students to 1 tutor. These classes are specifically designed for children in the same year group, offering highly targeted and focused tutoring.

6. How will you teach my child(ren)?

Children learn in various ways whether it be visual, auditory, reading / writing or kinesthetic. All our tutors are very experienced with teaching children using various methods to ensure they understand what is being taught. Eleven plus tutors give lots of examples whether it be using the whiteboard, discussing verbally or demonstrating practically.

7. Will my child(ren) receive homework?

Yes. Children are given homework on a weekly basis (except for assessment weeks).  All homework is based on what a child has learnt in the lesson and is designed to reinforce their learning. Once returned, homework is marked and explained with further examples.

8. How much homework will my child(ren) receive?

Homework will vary on a week by week basis. Unlike our English and Maths booster classes, Our eleven plus courses do require considerably more homework to be completed.  This starts off slow in year 4 and builds up considerably in year 5.

9. Will I be informed regularly of my child(ren)s progress?

Yes, all our children have weekly progress reports which will let you know how they did in their classwork, homework and including work ethic. Tutors and parents can also write comments within the weekly reports which make them a great way of ensuring regular communication between your child(ren)s tutor and yourself.

10. What qualifications and experience do the tutors have?

All our eleven plus tutors are fully qualified teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  In addition to this our eleven plus tutors have specialist knowledge , experience and skills around delivering content relevant to the eleven plus entrance examinations.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by our parents

My son Connor attended Cohort Tuition in preparation for his 11+ exams. He loved his time there, his tutors made learning fun and really brought Connor along. Connor was fully prepared for his exams and he's achieved some great scores, we can't thank Cohort enough. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for tuition. Prices are also very reasonable
Blair Woodward

from read reviews on Facebook

Diya got a high score in the 11+ entrance exams after attending Cohort Tuition, and we are confident that she will get a place in our preferred Grammar School. The Cohort Tuition holiday Revision & Mock classes were very useful and Diya was able to consolidate her knowledge. The staff are friendly and approachable. There are regular tests and updates. We are continuing to send Diya to Cohort Tuition for year 6 and she will also be attending from year 7 onwards. The class sizes are small and there is a review after every class which is recorded in a booklet that children take home to show parents.
Rabinder Kumar Soggy

from read reviews on review.co.uk

I want to say a massive thank you to all the tutors at Cohort Tuition. My son Oluwadamilola joined the 11+ programme around September 2016. At that time he was already in year 5, so he only had a year to prepare. I am so happy because he got a place at Queen Mary Grammar school for boys
Folashade Adesola

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