Due to the recent Government announcement, we will sadly have to close our centre for face to face tuition until the Covid-19 situation improves. Fortunately, at Cohort Tuition we already have robust systems in place in preparation for such an eventuality. Lockdown will impact learners differently depending on what stage they are in their studies. We have therefore been liaising with all of our tutors to be able to best accommodate the individual needs of all our learners.

Year 11 GCSE & Year 13 A-Level Students

Year 11 GCSE students and Year 13 A-level students have so far been advised that exams will not take place, however, schools will still need to collect data and they will need to collect this data by using assessments before the end of the academic year after lockdown ends.  Therefore we will be continuing with all Year 11 and Year 13 lessons online for all students who have not opted out for online lessons.

Eleven Plus

Eleven plus examinations recently took place in September/October 2020 despite the first lockdown. It is therefore likely that Year 5 Eleven plus exams will take place this coming September/October 2021 for the current students. All Saturday/Sunday eleven plus lessons will be delivered at the same time as usual online from this weekend. The Thursday session will not be taking place this week and will start next week. Lesson times for this class will be confirmed in due course. Based on the recent eleven plus examinations results, our strongest candidates and the students that scored the highest marks in these exams were those who continued eleven plus preparation over the last national lockdown period. We therefore strongly recommend parents continue with this preparation online during this lockdown period.

Primary (Years 3-6) & Secondary (Years 7-10) Students

During this difficult and unpredictable period, we believe it is even more important than ever before for continuity of education for all learners. Our online 1:1 and small group lessons allow for our students to continue to receive individualised attention and support with their core subjects. This will ensure that Cohort students are not disadvantaged when lockdown ends.

Years 1, 2 and Reception

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer online group lessons for Year 1 and Year 2 students. There may be an opportunity to provide Year 1 and Year 2 children who are currently in groups with 1:1 lessons online. This benefitted younger students during the last national lockdown. If your child is in a Year 1 or Year 2 group, please get in touch if you would like to move to 1:1 online lessons.

Lessons During Lockdown Number 3

It is for the above reasons we feel that it is imperative that learners where possible, continue with lessons online until lockdown ends. Our state-of-the-art online learning platform:

  • Allows our students to seamlessly move onto online live lesson with their regular tutors at their currently scheduled lesson time, unless informed otherwise.
  • Allows our students to continue on their current programme of study.
  • Allows our students to have real-time conversations with their tutors via our shared interactive online whiteboard.
  • Will allow students to receive homework via email, students can complete this homework and send it back to their tutors via email.
  • Records ALL lessons and allows students to revisit their lessons in their own time for revision purposes.
  • Allows our students to search through all their previous lessons to find specific topics they may have covered if they need to.

Students will either be able to log in using their parent’s email address (which is currently used to log into your parent portal – Tutor Cruncher) or you can provide an email address for your child and we will be able to set them up with their own login. Logging into online lessons is extremely simple. We will be sending out a link to a short video if you have not had any online lessons with Cohort Tuition before. This video will demonstrate exactly how students can access their online classroom and lesson recordings. In the meantime, please watch a short clip below on our online learning platform.

What Happens Next

Parents need to inform us by Thursday 7th January if they do not want to move their child(ren) to online lessons. If we do not hear back from parents, it will be assumed their child(ren) will continue with online lessons. You can text us on 07772 951 881 or call us on 0121 270 3921. Please leave a voice message if your call is not answered. We hope you have a smooth transition to online lessons. We are here to assist in any way we can. Any questions please get in touch.
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